Preschool Parent Testimonials for Scribbles 

Take a look at what parents have said about Scribbles!

“The staff at Scribbles is of the highest caliber and has far exceeded even my greatest expectations. They are committed, caring, professional, personable, creative energetic and thoroughly in touch with and tuned into the developing needs of the children that they are charged with educating.”

“I feel this has been an excellent place and program for my child. He feels secure, happy and very interested in all that happens at ‘school’. Developmentally and socially appropriate activities are planned and carried out in a warm, secure and nurturing environment.”

“Program is excellent and well run. As a working parent, it is sometimes hard for me to be involved at the level I would like, but the school does a great job of keeping me informed.”

“Scribbles is a fabulous school. The program prepares children beautifully for elementary school and other larger group settings. This child oriented program encourages children to have respect for themselves, others and authority figures. I have always found the teachers to be warm, caring, encouraging and considerate of both the children and parents. In addition, I have found that the teachers appropriately challenge the children academically no matter what their ability level. Both of my children have had wonderful school experiences at Scribbles.”

“We have been very happy at Scribbles! We feel the staff is professional, caring, nurturing and fun. Our child has shown tremendous growth in social and academic aspects of learning.”

“Our experience with Scribbles has been nothing short of exceptional. My son loves school and his teachers and has learned so much this year through his experiences at Scribbles.”

“I had looked at a number of programs prior to placing my child at Scribbles. The quality of the staff, the attention which is given to each child and the overall excellent program have given our child a wonderful start in school and I am sorry I cannot transport the staff to the public school where our child will be next year.”

“After six years, and four children, I’ve seen how well prepared my kids were for kindergarten and beyond!!!”