Frequently Asked Questions about Preschool

Here are some frequently asked questions!

I am worried my child will not want to leave me to go to school. How can you help make the morning drop off smoother?

Orientation: In order to help your child(ren) make a gentle adjustment to school, we use a graduated schedule for the “Intro” and “Threes” classes during the first few days of school.

What if my child is not potty trained?

Toilet Training/Bathroom Policy: We will accept children who are not toilet trained in our Intro and Threes’ classes. Children entering our Pre-K classes are expected to be toilet trained. For “accidents,” extra clothing is kept at school.

Do I pack my child(ren) lunch/snack every day?

Snacks: We provide a snack everyday for each child. Children attending Lunch Bunch or Lunch Bunch Plus program bring their own lunch. Due to allergies, we have a no nut policy.

What are your teacher-student ratios?

Scribbles operates under a co-teacher model, with each classroom lead by two teachers, rather than one teacher and one aide. Student-teacher ratios and our percentage of certified teachers far exceeds the State requirements. Our ratios are as follows:

Intro:    2 to 12
3s:       2 to 18
Pre-K:  2 to 15

Do you have a playground/outside play activities?

Scribbles students have access to a large enclosed playground, plus a chained-off area that is especially for riding tricycles and for special programs like our street safety course. We believe that our outdoor spaces are like a second classroom for our students, and we highly regard the value of spending time outdoors. That is why, weather-permitting, we incorporate outside play each and every day at Scribbles. Outdoor apparatus and equipment includes: sandbox, climbing equipment, playhouses, slides, balls, tricycles and ride-on toys.

My child is not going to kindergarten this year, but he’s already been to preschool and is over 4 years old. I’m afraid class won’t be stimulating enough for him. Will it?

For our experienced 4 year-old preschoolers who are not yet ready for kindergarten, our Pre-K class is a perfect fit. In addition to our core curriculum, which exposes students to dynamic, creative and multisensory experiences that are scientifically proven to develop young minds and prepare them for higher-level thinking, the pre-K class is focused on developing the following additional skills: self-confidence, resourcefulness, self-regulation, creative and critical thinking, self-direction, the ability to identify and express feelings, exhibition of positive interactions with other children and adults, and the exhibition of prosocial behavior—all of  which are key indicators for kindergarten readiness.

How will I know what my child is doing each day?

You can expect to have regular communication between you and your Scribbles teachers. One major way that we communicate with parents about our day is by posting information about what we did in school outside every classroom.

What hours are school each day? Do you offer an extended day?

Scribbles school hours are 9am-11:30am. We have a Lunch Bunch option that runs until 12pm with a supervised lunch period. (Children bring lunches). Our Lunch Bunch Plus option runs until 1pm and includes lunch as well as an enrichment activity each day.

Do you offer any additional classes or programs?

Various enrichment classes are included in our Lunch Bunch Plus program: music, dance, art, computers, and tumbling. Additional programs available to our Pre-K students include: Book Nook, Around the World and Kids Club. We also offer a special program for 1-2 year old with an adult called Scribbles-n-Bits. These informal sessions encourage friendship, fun and exploration. Scribbles also offers parent programs a few times a year, with professional speakers on current parenting topics of interest.